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To join AIPPI Canada, please fill out and submit the online form below and click submit at the end. 

Note that membership fee discounts are available for academic members, government employees, in-house counsel, or young members. Please also note that no membership application is complete until the membership fee has been submitted and the application accepted by the AIPPI Canada Council. Membership fees may be paid by email money transfer (preferred) to or by cheque mailed to Matt Zischka at Smart Biggar, P.O. Box 2999, Station D, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5Y6.


Please note that Corporate/Government/Academic Membership applies to individuals employed by a corporation or business entity that is not engaged in the practice of law or IP agency work, employees of a government agency, or full-time academics. Junior Membership applies to individuals who are under the age of 36 for the duration of the 2023 calendar year.
Please select any of the above International Standing Committee(s) if you are interested in being considered for nomination when a position becomes available for a Canadian representative. AIPPI permits up to two Canadian members (plus one in-house member) on each standing committee. Term of service is 3 years. Anyone may also join the committees as an "observer" so as to attend meetings in a non-voting capacity. More information regarding committees may be found on the AIPPI website.
The above committees permit one Canadian member and the term of service is 2-3 years. Please indicate if you are interested in serving as a Canadian representative on any of these committees when a position becomes available.
By clicking the above checkbox, I provide my consent to receive electronic communications from AIPPI Canada. I further consent to my inclusion in a public listing of members on the AIPPI Canada website that may include my name, firm/employer, city, area of practice, Canadian committee membership, and International committee membership. I also acknowledge that my membership must be approved by the Council of AIPPI Canada and that my membership application is not complete until I have provided AIPPI Canada with the applicable membership fee.