Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Intellectuelle


Over 125 Years


Since its founding in 1897, AIPPI has worked to improve and promote the protection of intellectual property on both international and national bases. It pursues this objective by working for the development, expansion and improvement of international and regional treaties and agreements and national laws relating to intellectual property.




Canadian National Group


The members of AIPPI Canada are the voice of Canadians in AIPPI matters. They develop and advocate for the Canadian position when debating IP issues with our international colleagues. The members participate, through committees, in detailing the current Canadian law on an issue being studied, and what they believe the law should be. Current study question details may be found here.

AIPPI Canada’s current Council includes:

President – Fraser Rowand

Vice President – Isabelle Chabot

Secretary & Treasurer – Matt Zischka

Council Member – Paula Clancy

Council Member – Santosh Chari

Council Member – Andy Chow

AIPPI Canada maintains a number of Standing Committees to assist with the substantive work of the group. Members are encouraged to join as many as they like and to actively contribute. The current Standing Committees and their current chairpersons are:

  • Patents – Charles Boulakia
  • Trademarks – Andy Chow 
  • Copyright & Industrial Designs – Lionel Fishman
  • Litigation – Vincent de Grandpre
  • Program – Brian Gray
  • Governance – Curtis Behmann

Working Process


Each year, AIPPI undertakes study of a number of IP issues. National groups submit details regarding their current law on the issue and what the law should be if it is to be harmonized. At the annual Congress meeting each September or October, members of the various national groups discuss and debate the issues in an attempt to find enough common ground to pass a resolution reflecting the position of AIPPI on that IP issue.





Annual AIPPI Congresses


The annual Congress is great chance to network with foreign colleagues, debate the study questions, and gain continuing legal education on current IP issues. The 2023 AIPPI World Congress was held from October 22-25 in Istanbul, Turkiye. The 2024 World Congress is scheduled to be held from October 19-22 in Hangzhou, China. More information can be found at www.aippi.org.

Past Presidents of AIPPI Canada


1934 – 1944    Russel Smart, K.C.

1947 – 1952    H. Gérin-Lajoie, K.C.

1952 – 1964    Christopher Robinson, Q.C.

1964 – 1967    Raymond A. Robic

1967 – 1976    Eric L. Medcalf, Q.C.

1976 – 1981    Bernard F. Roussin

1981 – 1984    William L. Hayhurst, Q.C.

1984 – 1986    Donald A. Hill

1986 – 1989    G. Alexander Macklin, Q.C.

1989 – 1995    Joan Clark, Q.C.

1995 – 1998    George J. Primak

1998 – 2001    John Bochnovic

2001 – 2004    Rose-Marie Perry

2004 – 2006   Don MacOdrum

2006 – 2008   Michel Sofia

2008 – 2010   Warren Sprigings

2010 – 2012   Steven Garland

2012 – 2014   Bruce Morgan

2014 – 2016   France Côté

2016 – 2018   Alfred Macchione

2018 – 2020   Bill Mayo

2020 – 2021   Fred Barbieri

2021 – 2023   Isabelle Chabot